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Earning The Money You Deserve From Your No-Fault Insurance

Michigan law requires all drivers to have no-fault insurance. This coverage ensures that you will be provided with compensation that covers costs like medical bills, three years of lost income, replacement services, as well as the cost of any damage you caused to someone else’s property. Even with this coverage, you still may need to fight for the compensation you deserve, and you should have an experienced lawyer at your side to do it.

At Nardone Law PLLC, we represent clients throughout the Mount Clemens area with all types of personal injury claims. We have extensive experience holding insurance companies to their contractual obligations, and we are prepared to fight them on your behalf.

What An Attorney Can Do For You

As your legal representation, our goal is to help you pursue the outcome you deserve after your accident. To do this, we work tirelessly to defend your best interests throughout your injury claim case, including by standing up to major insurance companies.

Unfortunately, it is far too common for insurance companies to try and avoid paying accident victims the money they deserve. They minimize the money they pay by looking for ways to minimize what they pay by using underhanded tactics like denying coverage, rejecting the claim or terminating the coverage policy altogether.

Our attorney is an experienced bad faith litigation attorney who understands complex coverage policies and how to pursue the compensation you deserve from them. He is prepared to act as your advocate to negotiate to quickly receive the compensation you deserve or fight for it in court through litigation. As he represents you, he will work closely with you to identify your unique needs while developing a personalized plan to represent you.

Let Us Fight For You

Trying to talk to insurance adjusters over the phone about receiving the compensation you need while also trying to recover from your injuries can mean you miss out on the outcomes you deserve in both. Instead of taking chances with your future, let us handle your claim. Call us at 586-438-3020 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today. We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.